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      Don't Let Office and Home Conflict Control YOU! Learn to Master Conflict In Your Life

      Learn Techniques To Manage Conflict Using Your Head Instead of Your Emotions

      "One of the best things about Using Your Head To Manage Conflict is that it is so short and concise and I didn't have to wade through 200 pages to get the exact information I needed to manage conflicts more intelligently and effectively. I review it whenever I anticipate disagreement at work."

      When we get emotional, even slightly, research in psychology tells us that we tend to think less, and react more. That's what gets us into trouble when there is disagreement or conflict, no matter what the cause, no matter whether at home at the office. An overwhelming amount of conflict escalates because one or both parties gets mad, starts to react rather than think, and says or does things that make things much worse.

      It's simply time to start thinking. Start using your head to manage conflict. And, we have a tool to help you.

      Using Your Head To Manage Conflict Helpcard is a summary of the major methods you can use to manage conflict in your life. Why is this important? First, because each conflict situation is different and needs to handled differently, if the outcome is to be positive. Second, because most people only use one method of conflict management, and miss the others. I want YOU to have all the techniques available, and I want you to know which ones to use in which situations.

      "Obviously you can't pull out a helpcard in the middle of an argument, but you can prepare yourself when you know there'll be issues, or before meetings. It's amazing how focusing on thinking and conflict options helps you keep a clear, rational head."

      Making intelligent choices about when to ignore conflict, when to stand your ground, or negotiate and collaborate is the key to turning conflict from destructive into a constructive event.

      What You'll Learn About Conflict Management

      : Written by conflict expert author Robert Bacal, Using Your Head To Manage Conflict Helpcard maps out the basics of managing conflict in an intelligent way, explains the steps of rational conflict management and explains the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to conflict management.

      "I keep a copy on my desk where I can see it. It reminds me I have choices when conflict occurs. The methods are great, and so is learning how to analyse situations, but the best is I now feel I can control conflict situations and not act impulsively (well, most of the time)."


      Tips and principles to help you get through to the boss. Here are a few questions answered:

      • How can you make conflict work for you?
      • What are the major steps in rational conflict management?
      • What are the pro's and con's of conflict avoidance and denial?
      • What are the pro's and con's of accommodation/giving in?
      • What are the pro's and con's of compromise?
      • When the use of power and competition is appropriate?
      • What are the pro's and con's of collaboration?

      Each of these strategies is explained.

      About the Author: Robert Bacal holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, and his books (published by McGraw-Hill and Alpha Press) have sold in excess of a quarter of a million copies worldwide. With titles on performance management, difficult employees, hostile customers and more, he's established at a writer, consultant and business person. Not just a face in the crowd of people trying to get you to part with your money!

      Uses: Use this helpcard to learn about the major ways to manage conflict, what methods apply to each conflict situation, how to analyse a conflict situation, and to increase your awareness of your choices. REVIEW the card before going to meetings or situations where you expect conflict to occur, and to help you decide in advance, what conflict management techniques to use.

      Trainers, Educators, Teachers, Managers and Supervisors can provide copies to their staff, pupils, trainees and participants to use as part of instruction, encouraging positive conflict management decisions, as handouts, etc. We offer significant discounts for multiple copies bought at the same time.

      Multiple Copy Discounts; We offer significant discounts if you purchase more than one copy at the same time. Discounts are largest (up to 75%) if you buy the downloadable version and purchase licenses for multiple copies.

      It's time. Order now and begin the process of getting control of the conflict in your life, rather than letting it control you.

      Learn what conflicts to ignore, cooperate about, or stand your ground

      Don't Take Our Word For It - Here's Your Free View

      Using Your Head To Manage Conflict - Stop RE-acting, And Take Control by Robert Bacal


      About Company

      Bacal & Associates was founded in 1992. Since then Robert has trained thousands of employees to deal with angry, hostile, abusive and potentially violent customers. He has authored over 20 books on various subjects, many published by McGraw-Hill.


      Robert Bacal

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      • The only way to further success is to challenge the existing "wisdom" through critical thinking and basing our services and books on a complex reality.

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